3 Steps to Achieve Massive Growth in Your Real Estate Business

3 Steps to Achieve Massive Growth in Your Real Estate Business

The best real estate agents hone their skills in challenging markets. I am often asked what these agents who started in 2008-2012 did to position themselves for sustainable wealth. Having personally coached many of these agents during those years, here are three steps you can take to grow your business by 2X, maybe even 10X, over the next 12 months. 

Step I: Create a business plan

Effective business plans are built around your why, the driving force behind your business. We recommend starting with a vision statement describing how your life feels after your plan is fully executed (It’s January 1st, 2025…). With that in place, you’ll ask yourself…

  • How much money do I need to make that happen? 
  • How many transactions do I need to close?
  • What will be my business sources? 
  • Finally, what marketing activities will I execute to ensure that I have enough conversations to make this all possible? 

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Step 2: Supplement this plan with leads from your brokerage

 The two most valuable components of your business are the people you know and the people who know of you

This first component is your database, the people who can personally vouch for the experience you provide. The A+ players in your sphere of influence (SOI) are your closed clients. 

The second piece is your market presence, which reflects the people who view you as “the market expert.” This is built on how you share your transactions’ stories with the market. 

Working with company leads is a great way to add to these components. While the commission split for these transactions is typically much lower than what you would receive on a sale from a self-generated lead, the relationships and marketing opportunities are priceless regarding your ability to grow your business rapidly. 

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Step 3: Surround yourself with growth-minded people

The people you surround yourself with are the biggest determinant of your success in real estate. We created Redwood Growth Academy (RGA) to allow growth-minded Redwood agents to begin each day by connecting with like-minded agents for a collaborative 20-minute exchange of energy and ideas. Agents leave these 9:00 a.m. calls ready to connect with the people who matter most to their business: their past, present, and future clients! 

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