Top Tips for a Great Entrance!

Top Tips for a Great Entrance!

You might be surprised to learn that just as the color or decoration around a front door can change the way visitors and neighbors feel about your whole home, it can also affect the way people feel as they cross the threshold for the first time. Plus, it comes with major curb appeal points! These are a few easy changes you can make to score some major points:

  • Add a fresh coat of paint. That may sound obvious, but a new, vibrant coat of paint goes a long ways.
  • Place planters of flowers next to the door to add more color. You get bonus points for matching the flowers to your newly painted door!
  • Hang a wreath, sign, or decorative door knocker to add more depth or just a little seasonal fun to your entryway.
  • Make sure you have good lighting to show off your beautifully decorated front door.
  • Replace old door hardware, such as the handle, knocker, and house numbers, with new, stylish options in finishes like brass, nickel, or matte black.
  • If you have a storm door, consider upgrading to a sleek, modern design that enhances the overall aesthetic without blocking the view of your main door.
  • Use symmetrical accents like matching lanterns, planters, or outdoor seating to create a balanced and inviting look.

With a few easy steps, you can make an entrance to be proud of!

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