Business Planning

We walk our agents through designing business plans that focuses on what’s most important to them. Our approach is simple: we start with the end in mind, then work backwards to create a plan that ensures success. Our Redwood Business Plan Tracker keeps everyone on track with daily feedback and tasks due and progress made.









Integrated Platform

Work smarter, not harder: we enable our agents to work more efficiently by connecting their most important tools. From promoting properties (we create 30+ pieces for every listing) to building your unique agent brand, we make everything easier. No more spreadsheets: Our Redwood CRM is the most powerful and intuitive CRM on the market.


Accountability is the difference between having a plan and backing it up with results. We provide our agents with a myriad of options to ensure they execute to their fullest potential. Our Redwood Business Plan tracker is great for self-accountability and has a great partner-feature that allows agents to pair up like they would in the gym. Our office and cross-office accountability groups meet weekly while our Growth Academy huddle daily!







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