Daily Coaching

Redwood Growth Academy agents meet daily at 9:20 am for a 25-minute morning huddle led by Redwood Co-Founder Shawn Milletary, where agents hold each other accountable, share marketing best practices, and celebrate wins! Each RGA agent has a personal business planning dashboard that ensures they stay ahead of their prospecting targets and marketing tasks.









Lead Sources

Growth-oriented agents need opportunities and that’s what we aim to deliver. RGA agents close all of their business, including deals from these lead sources, in their own names and retain the marketing rights for all transactions. That enables agents to grow their most valuable asset, their client database, from their first closing!

Expert Training

Our core focus at Redwood is empowering people to actualize their dreams. This is the foundation on which we built Redwood Growth Academy. In addition to having access to all the amazing training programs available to Redwood agents, Co-Founder Eddie Berenbaum joins the RGA morning huddle twice weekly for a dedicated sales training session.







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Our agent-centric team is excited to share our proven strategies that enable agents to grow their business in any market. Let's connect today!

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